Staff Retention Strategies

Staff Retention Strategies

Our employees are one of the most important aspects of our business, they are the face of the brand, the helpful voice on the phone and the cogs in your business.   But what happens when a staff member leaves?


What usually happens is that we scramble to find a replacement quickly.   When we do this, sometimes we don’t choose the right person for the job, who is a good fit for the company.

Game Plan

Have a game plan in place so that, on the off-chance that this happens that you are prepared.   Be open and honest with your team and ask for their help.  Brainstorm about a workable plan and implement it.

Retaining Staff

Staff want to feel appreciated, renumerated and feel like they have space to grow! Please see our top tips below:

  1. A potential career path

Employees want to know they have a future with your company.  By regularly sitting down and discussing or setting goals to achieve and how to achieve them can be a huge factor in keeping staff motivated to stay. Invest in your staff!

  1. Recognition

Staff appreciate when their employers, leaders and managers notice their contributions! Make sure this is genuine. Not out of obligation. If every member was staff member of the month – it would lose its value!

  1. Having a culture of freedom

No one likes to be micromanaged. If you hire someone to do a job and they have completed their training – let them flourish.

Trust that they will do the job to their best capacity. Give them some autonomy and watch them thrive in the workplace with their own innovative ideas.

  1. Clear Communication

This is probably the most important aspect of a workplace. The foundation of great engagement with staff. This can be improved with regular staff surveys, feedback on ideas and initiatives.

Offering open communication and opinions can help grow your business more than you know!

If your staff feel confident in their position and that their voice is heard of course they will stay. Feeling like a part of a team not just a staff member only encourages team motivation and loyalty.

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