Hiring Choice:  Permanent or Temporary?

Hiring Choice: Permanent or Temporary?

When looking to hire new staff, you have the choice to employ someone for a temporary or permanent position.   This article explores the pros and cons of your choice.


Temporary Employment pros:

Chances are you are looking for someone with specific skills who can assist your company with short term goals.

There is no reason it needs to be a one-time service, use the opportunity to build a relationship with a recruiter and reach out for future projects or job opportunities.

You can also gauge their performance on a short-term basis without committing to a long-term contract. This can also be a cost-effective strategy as you won’t be committed to a long-term wage.

Temporary Employment cons:

  • Training
  • Inconvenience
  • Staff Retention

Having to train a new person each time someone leaves on business procedures and processes can be time-consuming.   It could happen at an inconvenient time, say end of financial, etc.  And there’s also the chance that they may not stay.  All in all, you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages to make the best choice if the aim is to employ temporary staff.

Permanent employment pros:

  • Security
  • Job stability
  • Productivity

When employing a permanent staff member, security and job stability are key factors for both the employee and the staff member. The initial period of employment will be difficult once the new staff member is trained and working productively stress is reduced.

A new staff member is more motivated to perform their best with the hope of growth within their role and the business as they feel secure. There is no stress to find another job when this contact ends and on a long-term basis relationships with other staff and clients can grow organically grow resulting in a great workplace and success for the company!

Permanent employment cons:

  • Extra set up costs
  • Training
  • Office space and resources

This choice requires some extra cost for set up, training, office space and resources.  The process is a lot more extensive to hire and fire a permanent employee.  

Permanent vs. Temporary

Permanent employment is the most dominate type of work people search for people looking for stability in their work life.

Temporary employment is becoming more popular due to employees wanting a more flexible work schedule and the chance to mix up their day to day work.  

It is ultimately your choice and what suits you and your company when it comes to budget, needs and what they are looking for. 

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