Sales Professional Hiring Tips

Sales Professional Hiring Tips

Recruiting the wrong person for your organisation can have a huge impact on your business, staff and bottom line.  This article explores the key areas when hiring a sales professional.



A good sales person needs to be able to listen to the clients needs to fill that niche and sell your product.  Sometimes the best sales people aren’t always talking.

Key Drivers

You need someone who is driven, dedicated and willing to go the extra mile. Sales people are given goals and kpi’s for a reason! They thrive on it.


They know how to work a room. They are involved with their community, networking groups and business initiatives. Its not necessarily part of their job roll, but its part of their lifestyle.

 Know The Product

They need to believe in the product and themselves. Know it inside out. Answering questions promptly. Someone who knows their product, makes it easier for them to sell it.


Everyone knows a ‘sleazy car salesman’ type. The door is closed before its even had the chance to open. Someone who is honest and led by their integrity is what’s needed to build a successful sales team. A sales person who cares and shows they are genuine creates trust and a long-term client relationship. 

Multitasking & organisational skills

They know how to handle multiple leads and sources and close deals at the final hour. This makes an excellent addition to your team. Knowing how to use their time productively ultimately brings more sales into your company!

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