Hiring Staff Remotely

Hiring Staff Remotely


Gone are the days where your staff all live in the same suburb, state or even country. With the pool of potential applicants becoming bigger, how do you narrow this down and make sure you are being as efficient as possible when picking your next team member?


Detailed Job description

By setting up your standard of what commitments, skill set and minimum requirements are for the role; you have already eliminated resumes that don’t fit the criteria.

Being clear and concise with what you are looking for is an easy way of making sure you attract the right candidate. Its important that everything is clear about the position, the benefits of the job or even working with your company so there are no questions left unanswered. Applicants should know what they are applying for and confident that this is a role that might suit them.

Preparation for interviews

Not only does the applicant need to prepare, you do too! Make sure you have pre-set questions you plan to ask in the interview, key points you want to know.

Each interview is streamlined and there are no distractions along the way. Having a list of essential experiences and skills to tick off can also help the next step of elimination.

Removing unnecessary steps

A huge part of hiring an employee is all the back and forth. What if you could skip this?

You could save time on multiple candidate interviews if you can pre-qualify the specifics you are looking for. Some companies even ask you to complete a test.

Necessary Tools and resources

As a company, being organised with your resources and assets. If you are hiring someone, make sure you know what they need or are required to have for the role. For example, if you know they need a laptop to be able to do multiple presentations at other workplaces, you can either confirm they have this in the prequalification stage or ensure you will be able to provide one during the on-boarding process.

Ensuring your training can be done remotely. Whether you have resources online or they can be sent to the employee. Being prepared for these scenarios makes the process more streamline.

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