When you are looking for a new position or re-entering the workforce, the daunting task of job searching can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, waiting for the phone to ring.   That’s why it makes sense to work with a recruiter to make the process easier.



Changing jobs or even careers can be a huge change.  Trusting someone with such a big chapter of your life is a lot and your recruiter wants to be there to help with every step of the way. Helping to relieve stress, by answering any questions or supporting you.


It has been said that the average person will have seven careers in their lifetime. Not jobs… CAREERS. You could go from being a nurse to a forklift driver if you wish.

Imagine having a contact that knows exactly what those employers are looking for. Everything including what qualifications are needed to what they want to see on a cover letter and resume. Your recruiter could have all that information at their fingertips so why not use them to make sure you have the best chance of securing your dream position.

Save time

Scrolling through job ads day in and day out is not fun, you might find that your recruiter already has a contact that is looking specifically for you!

A well-established recruiter network can narrow positions down and assist in finding the best ones for you. This speeds up the entire process verses waiting for responses to all the companies you have sent resumes to.

“Talent Pooling” is a process used by some companies to reach out to their network, including recruiters, before advertising publicly. Working with a recruiter can get you a step ahead and a foot in the door before the company has even advertised the position.


Most people are nervous about asking for a pay-rise or promotion. It’s an awkward conversation that you don’t need to have if you use a professional to help!

Your recruiter knows the laws and rules around what the company can offer and can take the steps to push for what you are worth! Making sure you don’t cut yourself short and make sure you are getting the most out of your new job role in all aspects.


Do interviews make you nervous?

A recruiter can assist in practice interviews, giving you an insight into the companies’ culture and the role. With their knowledge of the employer they will know what kind of questions will be asked and can make sure you feel as prepared as possible! Let’s hope there are no curve balls!

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