Workplace culture is about the environment you work in.   We all come with our own belief systems, attitudes and assumptions so using those attributes is the key to fitting in.


An organisation also has its own unique leadership and strategic management style that influences what the culture is like.  This also may affect the recruiting strategy of the company.

Create core values

These should be clear and understood by all.   Once employees know the core values of the company they have a structure to work to.  It can also help them feel they are part of the organisation. 

Encourage collaboration and communication

A vital aspect of the leadership and management style is to encourage teamwork, and open communication.  Feedback should be welcomed and social interaction instigated via coffee mornings, or team meet-ups.

Explore an inclusive work environment

All employees want to be valued and supported.  A level playing field for all employees to strive for is the key to success.  It’s about being welcomed and accepted.

Goals & Rewards

When employees are motivated, engaged and treated equally, this leads to them feeling valued and creates a positive workplace environment.  It can also be rewarding for the employee and the company and rewards may not necessarily be monetary.


Being surrounded by positivity, fostering open and honest communication and support is key to creating a positive workplace environment that is good for everyone’s health and well-being.

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