Why Should I Use a Recruiter:  An Employee Point of View

Why Should I Use a Recruiter: An Employee Point of View

When you are looking for a new position or re-entering the workforce, the daunting task of job searching can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, waiting for the phone to ring.   That’s why it makes sense to work with a recruiter to make the process easier.



Changing jobs or even careers can be a huge change.  Trusting someone with such a big chapter of your life is a lot and your recruiter wants to be there to help with every step of the way. Helping to relieve stress, by answering any questions or supporting you.


It has been said that the average person will have seven careers in their lifetime. Not jobs… CAREERS. You could go from being a nurse to a forklift driver if you wish.

Imagine having a contact that knows exactly what those employers are looking for. Everything including what qualifications are needed to what they want to see on a cover letter and resume. Your recruiter could have all that information at their fingertips so why not use them to make sure you have the best chance of securing your dream position.

Save time

Scrolling through job ads day in and day out is not fun, you might find that your recruiter already has a contact that is looking specifically for you!

A well-established recruiter network can narrow positions down and assist in finding the best ones for you. This speeds up the entire process verses waiting for responses to all the companies you have sent resumes to.

“Talent Pooling” is a process used by some companies to reach out to their network, including recruiters, before advertising publicly. Working with a recruiter can get you a step ahead and a foot in the door before the company has even advertised the position.


Most people are nervous about asking for a pay-rise or promotion. It’s an awkward conversation that you don’t need to have if you use a professional to help!

Your recruiter knows the laws and rules around what the company can offer and can take the steps to push for what you are worth! Making sure you don’t cut yourself short and make sure you are getting the most out of your new job role in all aspects.


Do interviews make you nervous?

A recruiter can assist in practice interviews, giving you an insight into the companies’ culture and the role. With their knowledge of the employer they will know what kind of questions will be asked and can make sure you feel as prepared as possible! Let’s hope there are no curve balls!

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Hiring Choice:  Permanent or Temporary?

Hiring Choice: Permanent or Temporary?

When looking to hire new staff, you have the choice to employ someone for a temporary or permanent position.   This article explores the pros and cons of your choice.


Temporary Employment pros:

Chances are you are looking for someone with specific skills who can assist your company with short term goals.

There is no reason it needs to be a one-time service, use the opportunity to build a relationship with a recruiter and reach out for future projects or job opportunities.

You can also gauge their performance on a short-term basis without committing to a long-term contract. This can also be a cost-effective strategy as you won’t be committed to a long-term wage.

Temporary Employment cons:

  • Training
  • Inconvenience
  • Staff Retention

Having to train a new person each time someone leaves on business procedures and processes can be time-consuming.   It could happen at an inconvenient time, say end of financial, etc.  And there’s also the chance that they may not stay.  All in all, you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages to make the best choice if the aim is to employ temporary staff.

Permanent employment pros:

  • Security
  • Job stability
  • Productivity

When employing a permanent staff member, security and job stability are key factors for both the employee and the staff member. The initial period of employment will be difficult once the new staff member is trained and working productively stress is reduced.

A new staff member is more motivated to perform their best with the hope of growth within their role and the business as they feel secure. There is no stress to find another job when this contact ends and on a long-term basis relationships with other staff and clients can grow organically grow resulting in a great workplace and success for the company!

Permanent employment cons:

  • Extra set up costs
  • Training
  • Office space and resources

This choice requires some extra cost for set up, training, office space and resources.  The process is a lot more extensive to hire and fire a permanent employee.  

Permanent vs. Temporary

Permanent employment is the most dominate type of work people search for people looking for stability in their work life.

Temporary employment is becoming more popular due to employees wanting a more flexible work schedule and the chance to mix up their day to day work.  

It is ultimately your choice and what suits you and your company when it comes to budget, needs and what they are looking for. 

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Why Use A Recruiter:  An Employer’s Point of View

Why Use A Recruiter: An Employer’s Point of View

Having a professional that takes care of the hiring process on a day-to-day basis can help make the process smooth and painless for everyone. Taking stress out of the task and making it easier for you to simply fill a position seamlessly.


Save Time

We live in a busy world and one commodity that we don’t seem to have a lot of is time.  Once a brief is received, your recruiter knows what you are looking for. They do the search for you so you don’t have to wade through all the resumes and sit through interview after interview. 

They can narrow down what you would like, to find some suitable candidates.   If needed they can pre-qualify and even interview to see if the chosen candidate would suit your organisation and then hand over for a final interview with you.

Generally, your recruiter can find the top 1-3 candidates that they believe would be a perfect fit for the role and your business and you can decide quickly and efficiently — ideally saving you time and money.

A Large Network

Recruiters just have a bigger network.  They know people, lots of people.  After all it’s a part of their job and the joys of their industry! They know other recruiters, clients looking for work, personal contacts etc.

To find a person to fill a position within our own network, potentially without even having to advertise is why we are here.  If they don’t know the right person, they find them. That might mean searching LinkedIn or advertising if needed.

Spending the time to create relationships is what they do, so it’s a good idea to use their knowledge and contacts to get a good candidate for your company.


Recruiters are nimble, they can provide services such as writing a job description, setting up a salary package to interviewing and helping you with negotiations of contracts.

Having a recruiting professional on your side can help make the process smooth and painless for everyone.

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Sales Professional Hiring Tips

Sales Professional Hiring Tips

Recruiting the wrong person for your organisation can have a huge impact on your business, staff and bottom line.  This article explores the key areas when hiring a sales professional.



A good sales person needs to be able to listen to the clients needs to fill that niche and sell your product.  Sometimes the best sales people aren’t always talking.

Key Drivers

You need someone who is driven, dedicated and willing to go the extra mile. Sales people are given goals and kpi’s for a reason! They thrive on it.


They know how to work a room. They are involved with their community, networking groups and business initiatives. Its not necessarily part of their job roll, but its part of their lifestyle.

 Know The Product

They need to believe in the product and themselves. Know it inside out. Answering questions promptly. Someone who knows their product, makes it easier for them to sell it.


Everyone knows a ‘sleazy car salesman’ type. The door is closed before its even had the chance to open. Someone who is honest and led by their integrity is what’s needed to build a successful sales team. A sales person who cares and shows they are genuine creates trust and a long-term client relationship. 

Multitasking & organisational skills

They know how to handle multiple leads and sources and close deals at the final hour. This makes an excellent addition to your team. Knowing how to use their time productively ultimately brings more sales into your company!

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Top Tips For Hiring Millenials

Top Tips For Hiring Millenials

Millennials are a unique generation of workers and navigating that recruitment strategy can be tricky but rewarding.  In this article, we will present some recruitment techniques worth considering.


Motivating Millennials

It’s all about giving them a sense of purpose.   If you can attach some level of social impact or purpose you will be see how Millennials can make a significant contribution in your organisation.

Millennials are purpose minded and socially aware. Not necessarily looking for something to pay the bills. The idea of doing something significant with their job is very important.

Opportunities for Growth

Growing and learning in their profession not just as an individual is a key area for millennials.   Training sessions and options for professional development and support with the view of receiving a certification is something of interest and may well play a part in decision-making about a role, during the interview process.

The Social Aspect

They value transparent and authenticity and they usually want to see what’s like to work there.   Social media plays a big role in this aspect as potential employees can see staff genuinely enjoying working with you and that it’s a great workplace.

Company Culture

Having a good reputation through word of mouth is a way to attract great workers, including millennials.  Work-life balance and culture are very important and they are willing to commit to everything when at the office if they can balance that with enjoying life and spending time on their passions and the people that they care about most. 

If your company aligns with this, you are onto a winner. Time is more productive if staff have outlets outside of work and have the time to enjoy them.

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